Taiwan has recently had a severe blood scarcity, particularly in the central and southern regions. The most recent data from the Taiwan Blood Services Foundation show that Taiwan's blood bank can barely meet demand for less than five days. The "extreme climate" that resulted in terrible torrential rains that prevented people from leaving their homes and forced a huge number of citizens to travel over the summer vacation turned out to be the main cause of the shortage, which affected blood banks all around Taiwan.

On Chinese Valentine's Day, we at WIN WIN Precision held the campaign "Donate blood for the happiness" in the square on the first floor of the corporate office and the Xinfeng Plant, encouraging our coworkers to take part in charitable endeavors and express a variety of affection. A total of 58 bags of 250 C.C. blood were collected from coworkers who gave generously of themselves and participated in the campaign in unison. Blood donation facilities then delivered the collected blood to medical facilities in Hsinchu City, and the campaign was a massive hit.

Blood donation has benefits beyond just helping others; it also enhances one's metabolism, balances iron levels in the body, and lowers the chance of arterial occlusion, with figures showing that 88% of regular blood donors are less likely to experience cardiovascular issues. The neighborhood communities were also urged by WIN WIN Precision to donate blood as a way to round off the summer of 2023 in a fantastic way by demonstrating a sense of compassion that benefits everyone involved.



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