Employee Benefits

In the interest of attracting and retaining talents, WIN regularly reviews the compensation adjustment mechanism as part of the company's operation. In parallel, to cultivate harmony and motivation in the workplace, we offer work and health insurance and have set up a committee to promote various measures of employee wellbeing, including incentive travel, outdoor activities and year-end banquets. WIN complies with statutory requirements, as well as adjustment (e.g. flexible working hours for indirect employees), to ensure harmonious labor relations, so as to protect the rights and interests of all employees.

Major Employee Benefits programs are as follows:
  1. Employee dividends and year-end bonuses.
    According to Article 18 of the Company's Articles of Incorporation, the company shall allocate 3% to 10% of the annual profits to employees' dividends and year-end bonuses, to stimulate and reward their hard work. Our corporate governance and operations policies are aligned with the Corporate Sustainability (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) indicators, and we reward our employees based on their work goals and individual performance.
  2. Employment, health and community insurance.
    In addition to employment and health insurance, we also provide community insurance for all employees, as well as travel insurance for business travelers.
  3. Incentive travel held depends on the corporate operation.
    To enhance employee well-being and work-life balance for our employees, we organize various subsidized events.
  4. Perk of wedding and funeral.
    Based on the employee's tenure, formulate standards for marriage and burial.
  5. Physical Examination.
    Physical check-up for both new comers and current employees.
  6. Staff meal subsidy.
    Staff meal subsidy for all employees.

Retirement Scheme

As of July 1, 2005, WIN has adopted to new labor retirement regulations. According to the Workers' Pension Regulations, the employees are requested to apply for the new scheme, and those who adopt the new regime of labor pension, must pay a monthly increase of 6% (or more) of the total salary to the employee's pension specialists to guarantee their life after retirement. Please refer to each annual report for relevant post-retirement benefit provisions and expense amounts.