Win Win Precision Technology Co., Ltd comprises 2 major business groups:Semiconductor and New Energy

About WIN

WIN WIN Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology enterprise founded in 2003 that specializes in the R&D and production of semiconductor components and solar renewable energy. We have a diverse group of top-tier wafer fab clients,and our goods serve applications in communication, automotive, and aerospace equipment, making us one of the leading producers of materials for semiconductor equipment in the market. Our own solar brand, WINAICO, is proactive in worldwide markets such as Europe, Australia, America, and Asia. Our new energy business group expanded its sphere of influence to include energy storage systems and industrial microgrids in 2022 to establish itself as a one-stop shop for energy integration solutions for energy generation, energy savings, and energy storage.

WIN's excellent product performance and meticulous customer service have earned us a significant foothold in the global marketplace. As a pioneering enterprise focusing on system integration and technology innovation, we have a team of highly professional and passionate engineers, material application specialists, and industrial technicians who are constantly pursuing higher concepts through the implementation of advanced production equipment and demanding quality control systems. Our business and marketing teams are deeply involved in the sector, constantly tracking market trends, and optimize the user experience based on client input seeking to provide innovative and distinctive solutions.

The history of the brand WINAICO, since 2008, is driven by an in-depth awareness of how the energy issue affects the environment and the global economy. WIN has been committed to the development and application of solar modules, and has operated local branch offices in each region to serve the market nearby. WINAICO has installed in 42 different countries, make it possible self-consumption for end-users, generate surplus electricity profits, contribute to global warming, and achieve the goal of net zero carbon emissions.

We are dedicated to foster a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with the environment, society, and stakeholders, employing environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques and goods to generate a positive cycle between people and the environment. WIN will keep concentrating on high performance semiconductor computer and automotive electronics applications, in parallel innovative research and development of solar module and the energy management systems. We look forward to establishing long-term and stable partnership with more companies to jointly promote innovative technology for a smart life and a sustainable future.

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