Firm up Power Supply Resilience and Reduce Damage

The Importance of Power Stability!

WIN's energy storage system can make the power supply chain more resilient. In case of breakdown and downtime, the energy storage system can react in 10 seconds to reduce damage.
The energy storage system integrates with the generators will provide long-term back-up power and gently maintain the factory production line.
Energy Storage Application Engineering Energy Display Animated Chart

Custom engineering for energy storage plants

Depending on customer's demand response, we develop and install your Energy Management Systems(EMS) that enable to conduct peak load shaving, with the goal of avoiding contract capacity-exceeding penalty. In addition, applying the system to integrate with Taipower Regulation Service (sReg), will earn an incentive income for companies.

Our scope encompasses the design and installation of civil engineering, energy storage and AC systems. To provide comprehensive support, we offer a 5-year warranty that covers all energy storage system, power converters, and spare parts. Our services also include assistance with paperwork and documentation for the application process with the relevant authorities.

Build Your Very Own Static-Regulation System (sReg)

Based on corporate electricity consumption record, we diagonose the internal power consumption and customerized the storage systems consist of regulation reserve(sReg), earns you incentive income.
Energy storage application engineering system dynamic diagram