ESG Policy



有關本公司「永續發展實務守則」(詳情請參閱:Features Rules & Regulations)。

As a responsible global citizen and corporate entity, our company is committed to reducing carbon emissions through energy conservation efforts. In 2022, we established an energy management and monitoring system to track the energy consumption of all manufacturing equipment and air conditioning systems, in order to further promote energy-saving measures. In addition, we have implemented the ISO 50001 energy management system, and obtained ISO 50001:2018 SGS certification on December 16, 2022.

Energy Policy

  1. To improve energy efficiency and fulfill corporate social responsibility.
  2. To comply with government energy regulations and provide a safe working environment.
  3. To prioritize the purchase of energy-saving products and support energy-saving innovation and design.
  4. To enhance employee awareness of energy conservation and strengthen communication and coordination.
  5. To implement system operation improvements and achieve sustainable business goals.

Specific Measures

Diagram of Gear and Green Lightning Energy Policy Planning and Management
1. Energy planning and management:

(1) Annual identification of major energy equipment: At the end of each year, the plant department and relevant personnel should investigate the energy usage data of the previous year for each unit, and identify major energy-consuming equipment.
(2) Propose energy-saving improvement plans
(3) Regularly review the results of energy-saving plan implementation

Icon of Gear and Purchasing Cart
2. Procurement management:

Prioritize the purchase of energy-saving products with energy-saving labels or ratings allowed by the Bureau of Energy.

An illustration of a green figure conducting educational training in front of a whiteboard
3. Education and training:

(1) Regularly communicate energy-saving awareness to employees every year.
(2) In accordance with the regulations for education and training management:
a. Technical personnel engaged in energy-related work must receive pre-job guidance or professional training from the employing unit before starting work, and pass the review before officially starting work.
b. Operators of major energy equipment must receive education and training on the use of major energy equipment from their supervisors.

Document of Energy Policy
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Certificate ISO 50001 2018
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1. 持續推動節能減碳措施。
2. 全員參與節能減碳活動。
3. 遵守環保法規、客戶要求及其他相關規定。