CNC Precision Manufacturing

We specialize in precision CNC milling and turning, providing comprehensive precision processing services and in using the latest CNC equipment to customize parts for customers. We have diversified CNC processing services and manufacturing capabilities, enabling customers to achieve and meet their production goals and expectations in a competitive and cost-effective manner.

We provide precision processing of a variety of graphite, metal and insulating materials and are willing to share our experience in the innovative application of materials to manufacture exclusive components that meet customers expectation. From small-volume large-variety or mass production, we have the expertise and resources to meet the production requirements of customers in various industries in quality control process design, precision tolerance manufacturing and the most advanced jigs. Our production process adopts strict production technology, quality control inspection and testing requirements, which is able to assist in development and design to processing according to customer demands.

We have advanced precision processing equipment and software technology, which can meet strict quality standards, extremely short delivery time, the highest level of cost control and perfect technical services. We have passed ISO certification, from design for retractability, manufacturing, to final quality inspection and testing, we are able to ensure high-quality ion implanter components and various product manufacturing. In a market emphasizing cost reduction, our manufacturing team and quality control team can assist each manufacturing work and continuously improve it to meet market demand.

We have accumulated nearly 20 years of experience in the precision machining industry. Many engineers in our factory have more than 20 years of industrial experience. In addition to internal talent training, we also continue to communicate with the industry, government and academe to continuously upgrade our technology and concepts. We also steadily invest in new production equipment annually, grow together with customers and create the greatest value for customers. We set a goal to be the expert of experts among the industry and attach great importance to every product line and each lay pattern, which all demonstrate our pursuit of true perfection.

Core Technical Capacity

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Product development and process planning

  • Customized innovative design
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Precision process and surface treatment

  • Machine for special purposes
  • Advanced semiconductor cleaning technology
  • Heat treatment clearing technology
CNC Precision Manufacturing Diagram

Inspection, packing and shipping

  • Optical measurement
  • Vacuum leak detection
  • Clean room packaging

We provide one-stop manufacturing services and control the process and conduct precision processing monitoring to meet the product characteristics of various high-precision requirements.