Maintenance and Refurbishment of Semiconductor Components

Provide refurbishment and maintenance services for components of various models. The refurbishment of each component has strict control procedures, maintenance inspection specifications and records from accepting, anomalies inspection, maintenance and shipment inspection and testing. The components after maintenance will be inspected using the test platform to meet the requirements of maintenance progress management, maintenance quality assurance and anomalies traceability.

Semiconductor Component Refurbishment - Staff Holding the Product


Product of WWPT with silver-white body

Varian HCS/Trident Resolving Assy

The Cvd machine from WIN WIN has a red structural body

Varian Trident EPM

A sophisticated product machinery platform in silver-white color

Varian HCS/Trident Manipulator

WWPT's products come with red and silver-white bodies

Varian 900XP ACC Tube

WWPT's product has a white, round body

NISSIN EX2300/3000 ACC Tube


Precision Components Refurbishment Available

Varian E220/E500 Manipulator

Product of WWPT with silver-white body

Varian E220/E500 TVL Faraday

WWPT's products include black braided cables and a silver-white body

Varian E220/E500 Roplat Assy

WWPT's products have red and dark gray coils

Varian E220/E500 Tilter Head Assy

WWPT's products include red wires and silver-white bodies

Varian Vision 80/200 Manipulator