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Important Resolutions Passed by WIN WIN PRECISION TECHNOLOGY's Board Meeting 1. Date of occurrence of the event: 2023/11/10. 2. Company name: WIN WIN PRECISION.…

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WIN is bold enough to challenge, constantly innovate and breakthrough in products, services, and technologies.

Transforming into a Sustainable business

The carbon pricing system is in the process of being launched, making the global supply chain capable of proactively reforming carbon emissions. Therefore, it is inevitable to strengthen corporate sustainability and achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Building a Smarter Microgrid

WIN provide businesses with energy management services, integration with the solar system installation and energy storage system(ESS), to construct a smart microgrid. By energy-saving and energy creation solutions, client could successfully manage their power supply and demand .

  • Establishing Solar Energy System to your self-consumption option.
  • Participating in Regulation Service to create passive income
  • Optimizing Peak-Shaving to Save Electricity Costs
  • Optimizing Public and Industrial Power Consumption via Energy Management Systems

20 Years of Serving Experience as the Expert of Precision

We are committed to the manufacture, research and development, as well as repair and provision of after-sales service for consumable key components. Our components are the results of a complicated process, sufficient experience and hard work and efforts that improve quality, which contribute to the next-generation of the manufacturing process and improvement of efficiency and is the key to fulfilling the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Provide customized solutions
  • Provide services based on the original materials specifications
  • Committed to the study of materials, functions, costs and problem analysis
  • Provide customers with integrated component services
  • Better process performance, simpler and more efficient machine preventive maintenance (PM) which can reduce costs

Taiwanese Solar Energy Brand with over 15 Years of Global Export

Since its foundation in 2007, WINAICO has been sold to 42 countries around the world, served over 2,100 system installers, making it the global well-known Taiwanese solar energy brand.

  • Deepen Long-term Relationship of Solar Energy Markets in Europe, the United States, and Australia
  • Multiple Recipient of National Gold Award for Energy and Solar Innovation Award
  • Recipient of EUPD Top Brand Solar Energy Award for 5 Consecutive Years
One-Stop Service

The obligation of energy-heavy industries

Energy-Heavy industries whose comsumption exceeds 5000 kW per month are required to install 10% green energy or storage facilities of their contracted capacity. Win delivers a variety of green energy solutions to meet your needs.