WIN WIN Precision has become an important partner for key component requirements for global semiconductor manufacturers and advanced equipment customers.

WIN WIN Precision provides real-time business and technical services to global semiconductor manufacturers, specializing in the research, manufacturing, and sales of critical component consumables such as tungsten, molybdenum, ceramics, and graphite. These components are widely used in end markets such as Foundry Fab, DRAM Fab, and panel factories. Our main component products cover critical components manufacturing for process equipment such as Ion Implanters, CVD/PVD, Diffusion, and we also offer component refurbishment, repair, and machine maintenance services.

From product design, raw material sourcing, manufacturing, cleaning, inspection, to packaging, WIN WIN Precision offers end-to-end services, ensuring strict quality control for our customers. We collaborate with suppliers, customers, and partners to achieve mutual success.

We take every task seriously and strive for complete customer satisfaction.

Diagram of a Honeycomb-like Well-Structured Company

Our Core Values

We are dedicated to understanding our customers' needs. Our business and technical teams work closely with customers, collaborating to provide professional expertise in efficiency design and system integration. By leveraging our knowledge and experience, we transform customer requirements into innovative, cost-effective, practical, and reliable solutions.

  • Better process performance and simplified, efficient machine preventive maintenance (PM) to reduce costs.
  • Providing customized solutions to meet specific customer needs.
  • Committed to research on materials, functionality, cost, and problem analysis.
  • Providing services based on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts specifications.
  • Offering integrated component services for customers.
  • Meeting customer delivery requirements on time and in full quantity.
Our Services

We take every task seriously and strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction.