At the initial stage of customer production and rapid yield improvement, we will work with customers to study process bottlenecks, cooperate swiftly and provide solutions and make breakthroughs together to improve machine yield. At the mass production stage, we provide consumables that meet economic benefits, extend the service life of consumables, improve machine availability and reduce the burdens of engineers for maintenance of machine.

Case study

The Beanline graphite 90deg assembly increases the thickness to the interior part while filling the gap of each assembly to allow 90deg to demonstrate a perfect seamless state, which could increase the thickness and extend the service life, as well as reducing the pollution of the chamber caused by ions penetrating the gaps Customers can upgrade and choose different engraving patterns on the graphite surface, change the surface roughness to resolve the product drop and improve the particles.

Solution - Case Description
Solution Improvement Partial Diagram
Four Types of Engraving Patterns on Component Surfaces
Life Extension Clock and Pollution Reduction Benefits Diagram

Competitiveness Differentiation

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High-standard product verification

Passed product verification by customers with the highest standards among the industry.
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Fast support for customers

Provide professional team support to quickly respond to customer demands.
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Optimization of materials and parts

Our accumulated experience and powerful know-how allow us to refine and optimize the use of materials for the optimum cost-effectiveness.