To successfully implement the company's integrity management, the General Management Center is responsible for formulating and supervising the policies and the prevention programs, reporting to the Board of Directors on a regular basis, with the following major responsibilities:

1. Contribute to the integration of integrity and ethical values into the corporate strategy, and collaborates with the legal system to develop anti-fraud measures to ensure honest management.

2. Regularly analyze and assess the risk of dishonest behavior as part of the activity, and establish S.O.P guidelines to avoid dishonest behavior.

3. Organize the internal framework and the duty, as well as the audit mechanism and mutual supervision within the business scope.

4. Coordinate training on advocating for integrity policies.

5. Plan the inspection system to assure effective enforcement.

6. Assist the Board of Directors and Management in reviewing and reporting on the implementation of honest management and on pre-emptive measures established on relevant business processes on a regular basis.

In compliance with integrity management, the General Management Center is a dedicated unit that regularly updates the Board of Directors on the progress reached.

1. Executive report:
According to the company's integrity management operating procedures and behavior guidelines, the implementation results will be reported to the board of directors on a regular basis every year.

2. Standardization:
- To incorporate integrity and ethics into the company's basic beliefs, we have developed a Corporate Governance Framework, Integrity Management Principles, and Ethical Behavioral Guidelines.
- Defined departmental responsibilities, specified individual's behavioral codes, and signed employment contracts to implement honesty and integrity in management.

3. Mechanism for Supervision and Reporting:
- The auditing unit performs irregular audits to make sure that the company's internal operational processes are legitimate.
- To ensure follow-through, the organization has created an internal employee inbox as well as a channel on its website.
Internal Feedback E-mail:
External Feedback E-mail:

4. Practice:
The business's regulations and morals are thoroughly presented to all new hires. The business also periodically organizes courses on related topics, such as the Code of Business Integrity, the complaint system, and confidentiality issues.
- In total, 3 courses with 344 participants were held in 2022.
- In total, 12 courses with 447 participants were held in 2023.

Executive Summary
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Regulations for Enterprise Integrity Management

1. Regulations for Integrity Management
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2. Guidelines and Practices
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3. Ethical Conduct Code
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