Variety of Backgrounds

The "Regulations of the Directors Election" and the "Code of Corporate Governance" are followed by all candidates for directorship, and the most qualified candidates are chosen based on their professional qualifications and work experience.

The "Code of Corporate Governance" states that, in order to adopt good policies, the board's composition should be multiple and should meet, but not be limited to, the following two major criteria:
1. Essential characteristics include gender, age, nationality, and culture, with female directors forming up one-third of the total number of directors.
2. Professional expertise in fields as law, accounting, business, finance, marketing, or technology.

The Company's diversification policy is achieved as follows

Management GoalsResult
Female directors consist of one-third of the board.Achieved
The average age of directors is decreasing.Achieved

The following table outlines the specific industrial expertise, accounting and financial analysis, and legal and business management expertise of the Board of Directors.

Item \ Name


Independent Director Tenure




Serves concurrently as an employee of the Company


Under 3 years

Over 3 years

Electronics Manufacturing

Global Market Observation

Industry Knowledge

Financial Accounting


Leadership and decision-making skills





Davis Szu-Ming ChenMaleVVVVVVVV
Shanon Yi-Chun ChenFemaleVVVVVVV
Cheriel Yi-Ching ChenFemaleVVVVVVVV
June Hsiao-Chun ChenFemaleVVVVVVVV
Kuan-Wen HungFemaleVVVVVVV
Chang-Chiao HanMaleVVVVVVV
Kuo-Lung YenMaleVVVVVVV
Ying-Li LinMaleVVVVVVV
Nien-Ni KuFemaleVVVVVVVV
  • The Company has 4 directors in employee positions (44%), 4 independent directors (44%), and 5 female directors (56%).
  • There are 6 directors aged 41–50, 1 director aged 51–60, and 2 directors aged 61–70.
  • The Company's directors have a variety of professional backgrounds, including two in accounting and one in legislation. The others have business management expertise, industrial experience, and knowledge of global markets. This diversity comprises various corporate perspectives.