The WINAICO N-Type TOPCon bifacial solar module from WIN(4949) is about to be released in Q3 2023. TOPCon's performance makes it one of the best options for integrating with P-Type PERC technology, while PERC's conversion efficiency is on the verge of 21%, TOPCon can reach over 22%.

The WINAICO TOPCon cell more effectively stimulates electrical energy and improve the module's performance in three ways, including (1) Absorbing low light from dawn to dusk. (2) The bifacial power generation specification allows the rear of the unit to intake reflected and dispersed light from the surrounding area. (3) The double-sided glass-glass wrapping design increases the product's fire resistance while preventing the module from being impacted by outside moisture penetration.

The TOPCon have now been delivered to WINAICO's global warehouses. Similar to past years, this new series has passed the rigorous examinations carried out by international third parties, earning both the Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC) regulations and the European IEC solar energy standard. This technology's implementation in modules represents a creative improvement in the use of solar energy; it also implies that the value of consumers' energy investments is now greater. This has a real impact on the challenging energy crisis.

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