The National High School Games (NHSG), held in April each year, provide a platform for fair competition for young athletes and serve as an incubator for Taiwanese national athletes. Hsinchu County hosted the 2023 NHSG , which we gladly funded the government to organize the games and events. As a company that has always advocated sports and team spirit, we are passionate about inspiring the next generation of athletes and are hoping for more business partners to join and help the local sports thrive.

WIN is a sports fanatic who has previously hosted large-scale events such as marathon races and golf matches. Our managers encourage frequent basketball games for team building, and our colleagues actively participate in badminton groups and aerobic workout activities after work, that keeps our workplace dynamic. We are delighted to see so many young athletes perform wonderfully at the event. Their tenacity and hard effort deserve everyone's praise.

感謝狀_新竹縣政府 2023全中運


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