WIN recently awarded the "Outstanding Enterprise Category" of the National Yushan Award. The company's overall operational performance, R&D capacity, quality policy, and marketing services are all highlighted in this award, along with the international and niche market strategy. As one of the few optoelectronic and energy firms on this award list, Win is very proud of this achievement.

In contrast to the Taiwanese solar industry's business model, WIN is uniquely positioned to break into global markets with its own brand, WINAICO, to seize control of the product and niche marketing. Ultimately, the sales figures reflect the recognition of the Company's brand, product, and quality by the marketplace worldwide. It is well merited for WIN to be acknowledged in the "Outstanding Enterprise Category" of the 20th National Yushan Award for its out-of-the-box innovative strategy.

2023 玉山獎獎座


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