1. Date of occurrence of the event: 2024/04/25
  3. Relationship to the Company (please enter ”head office” or ”subsidiaries”): head office
  4. Reciprocal shareholding ratios: N.A.
  5. Cause of occurrence: Announcement of the underwriting new share price for IPO
  6. Countermeasures: None.
  7. Any other matters that need to be specified (the information disclosure also meets the requirements of Article 7, subparagraph 9 of the Securities and Exchange Act Enforcement Rules, which brings forth a significant impact on shareholders rights or the price of the securities on public companies.):
    (1) For IPO purpose, the company increased cash capital by NT$58,000,000 and issued 5,800,000 ordinary shares, par value NT$10 per share. The IPO is approved by the Taiwan Stock Exchange Co., Ltd. on March 28th, 2024, which approved Certificate No. is 1131801182.
    (2) This cash capital injection was handled at a premium, and the lowest underwriting price in the bidding auction was NT$20 per share. The bidder with the highest bidding price will be given priority to subscribe shares. Each winning bidder shall subscribe shares according to its winning bidding price.The weighted average bidding price was NT$28.63 per share, which was 1.2 times that of the lowest underwriting price. So the IPO underwriting price was issued at a premium of NT$24 per share.
    (3) The rights and obligations of the new shares issued under this cash capital increase are the same as those of the originally issued shares.


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