WWPT 3 International Exhibition Schedule

To further increase the company's outreach to the international semiconductor industry, WIN will take part in SEMICON China (Shanghai, 6/29–7/1), SEMICON West (San Francisco, 7/11–7/13), and SEMICON Taiwan (Taipei, 9/6–9/8). These exhibits showcase several identities. WIN actively engages in supply chain connections with semiconductor manufacturers all over the world.

China's semiconductor market is growing rapidly, and the development of chips for electric vehicles is a major focus of the industry. For automotive applications, WIN will showcase a variety of certified semiconductor components.

The most iconic semiconductor event in North America, SEMICON West, concentrates on wafer R&D and design. WIN will exhibit its most cutting-edge assembly components for high-performance computing and share the most recent innovations and trends.

Taiwan's position as a key player in the global semiconductor supply chain is of great importance and influence. SEMICON Taiwan is an exhibition that concentrates on semiconductor production and package testing, echoing the peculiarities of Taiwan's industry. In addition to showcasing semiconductor equipment components, WIN will also demonstrate its energy solution, an industrial microgrid with energy storage system, which can precisely regulate factory power to prevent overruns or power outages. With the contribution of this technology, the semiconductor companies will be able to develop and implement a sustainable plan for achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

This year, WIN will take part in three global semiconductor shows. With Taiwan serving as its R&D headquarters, we will use diverse regional characteristics to showcase our vertical and parallel integration skills in the supply chain and create more diversified international cooperation prospects. WIN will keep offering high-quality goods and services of essential parts and consumables that may be used in wafer, DRAM, and panel fabs to real-time business. You are welcome to stop by the WIN booth to partner with us to create a win-win solution!



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