WINAICO Deutschland GmbH, a subsidiary of Taiwan’s largest solar module manufacturer Win Win Precision Technology Co, Ltd, will introduce the new WINAICO WST-MG GEMINI module series to the European market from March 2021. The WST-MG GEMINI consists of 120 monocrystalline half cells and achieves a module efficiency of 20.6 % with dimensions of only 1,759 cm in height and 1,034 cm in width.

The half-cell technology achieves better temperature behaviour. In addition, reflective wires increase the luminous efficacy and boost the yield. The GEMINI photovoltaic modules are equipped with 9 busbars, which enables lower resistances and power ratings above 370 watts. They are the ideal solution for private and commercial rooftop installations.

All solar modules from WINAICO are tested beyond international standards. For example, WINAICO’s modules are hailstorm, salt mist, ammonia, PID and LeTID certified.

“In view of the enormous growth potential for private and commercial rooftop systems, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers a compact module with strong wattage in the future as well. Of course, we also provide a 25-year product guarantee for the new WST GEMINI series,” says Marc Ortmanns, Head of Sales & Marketing at WINAICO Deutschland GmbH.