WINAICO, a leader in quality solar modules has introduced an industry-leading 25-year performance warranty for the new GEMINI solar modules.

The new Performance Warranty states an expected drop of 2% within the first year after installation and 0.53% degradation year-on-year for the following 24 years. The upgraded warranty protection improves the power protection policy to be 5.08% higher after 25 years compared to the previous warranty agreement. The increased power output is a reflection on the improvement in performance and reliability of the new GEMINI solar module design.

The WINAICO Performance Warranty guarantees modules to operate within an expected level of power over their technical lifespan. After strenuous testing of our GEMINI series, WINAICO will now guarantee a higher level of performance. The improved power guarantee will ensure greater peace of mind for WINAICO customers and installers. In addition to the 25-Year Product Warranty and 2-Year Complimentary Solar System Insurance, the new and improved Performance Guarantee ensures the greatest protection for any solar module in Australia.

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