Win Win Precision Technology has expanded into the industrial microgrid business and partnered with CMP GROUP, the leading foundry company, to complete the first smart multi-purpose energy storage system for energy-heavy industries to participate in Taipower's ancillary services.

Microgrid is one of the focuses of green industrial transformation and energy storage system is the key of keys of microgrid architecture. In order to meet the early-bird discounts for major electricity consumers in 2024, the Hsinchu plant of CMP designed and planned the BTM energy storage system and the meter was officially installed in January in 2023, making it become the first one after TPC officially announced the distribution-level grid-connected user review standards and obtain the SAT on-site certification from the ITRI.

This Project will be added to the electricity trading platform in the near future, becoming the first BTM energy storage system in Taiwan that meets the conditions of a major electricity consumer and participates in TPC’s ancillary service market in the manner of demand response resources. It has the features of smart demand management, which can dynamically adjust the user’s electricity demand, avoid exceeding the contract threshold which reduces the user's regular contracted capacity; it also has the functions of static frequency modulation backup, instant and supplementary backup, and users may from trading platform get extra income based on laws.

In order to break through the limitations of the physical environment, WIN WIN Precision adopts the water-cooled energy storage cabinet design for CMP Project, which complies with fire protection and certification standards and has obtained SAT on-site certification; for the characteristics of large changes in power consumption of CMP’s production line, we also introduce demand and grid quality monitoring system combined with energy storage management system which improve system operating efficiency.

As the demand response for microgrids is growing at the industrial sector, which drives the demand for smart multi-purpose energy storage systems. Microgrids are the key to industrial green energy transition, and energy storage systems are the core of microgrid infrastructure. Win Win Precision Technology is comitted to advancing the power management system for domestic electronics and also traditional industries, to support more energy-heavy industries to build stable and efficient microgrids.

Source: UDN news

Win Win Precision Technology to Construct the First Microgrid for the Steel Industry


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