Date of events: 2024/03/12

  1. Date of the board of directors resolution: 2024/03/12
  2. Source of capital increase funds: Capital injection through the issuance of new stocks.
  3. Number of shares issued (not including those distributed to employees if consisting in capital increase from earnings or capital surplus): 5,800,000shares
  4. Par value per share: NT$10
  5. Total monetary value of the issuance: NT$58,000,000
  6. Issue price: The provisional offering price is set at a premium of NT$28 per share, however, the actual offering price will be determined by the chairman taking into account the prevailing market conditions, and in accordance with relevant securities laws and regulations, jointly agreed upon with the lead underwriter.
  7. Number of shares subscribed for by or allocated to employees: 580,000 shares
  8. Number of shares publicly sold: 5,220,000 shares
  9. Ratio of shares subscribed by or allotted as stock dividends to existing shareholders: In addition to reserving 10% of the issued shares as stipulated in Article 267 of the corporation law, totaling 580,000 shares subscribed by employees, the remaining 5,220,000 shares, in accordance with Article 28-1 of the Securities and Exchange Act and the resolution of the shareholders’ meeting held on 2023/06/07, all original shareholders have waived their preemptive rights, and all shares will be allocated for public underwriting before listing, exempt from the provisions of Article 267 of the Company Act regarding the priority distribution to original shareholders.
  10. Handling method for fractional shares and shares unsubscripted for by the deadline:
    (1) Employees may waive subscription or round-up of odd lots below one share, and the Chairman is authorized to negotiate with Specific Person(s) to fulfill the subscription at the issuance price.
    (2) The undersubscribed portion of the public offering will be handled in accordance with the “Regulations Governing the Handling of Securities Underwriting or Resale by Securities Firms of the Taiwan Securities Association” issued by the Securities and Futures Institute of the Republic of China.
  11. Rights and obligations of these newly issued shares: Same as the previously issued common shares.
  12. Utilization of the funds from the current capital increase: Replenishment of working capital.
  13. Any other matters that need to be specified:
    (1) The Chairman be authorized with full power and authority to make the filing relating to the issue of New Shares with the actual number of New Shares to be issued by the Company, the issue price of the New Shares,the issue conditions, fund raising amount, propose of capital injection plan and other related matters, including changes caused by authorities requirement or objective environment alteration and other unfinished matters.
    (2) The Chairman be authorized with full power and authority to make the filing relating to the issue of New Shares with the relevant competent authority and represent the Company in making decisions with the Share Subscribed Base Date, Payment Period, Capital Increase Base Date and other relevant matters.


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