1. Date of the shareholders meeting: 2024/05/30
  2. Important resolutions (1) Profit distribution/ deficit compensation:
    Pass and recognize 2023 earnings distribution of Cash Dividends
  3. Important resolutions (2) Amendments to the corporate charter:N/A
  4. Important resolutions (3) Business report and financial statements:
    Pass and recognize 2023 business report and financial statements
  5. Important resolutions (4) Elections for board of directors and supervisors:
    To elect 1 director
    Elected Directors: Huari Investment Co., Ltd.
  6. Important resolutions (5) Any other proposals:
    (1) Pass the proposal of amendments to the ”Procedures for Election of Directors”
    (2) Pass the restriction of non-compete agreement of newly elected director.
  7. Any other matters that need to be specified: None.


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