WWPT Semicon Technology
The WWPT Advantage

Strong Product R&D Team
Utilizing the latest software technology, our experienced product R&D teams develop innovative and quality products to meet market demands. We deliver only the best performance; the most cost competitive customized products and cost efficient modified upgrades to our clients.

Effective Quality System
WWPT\'s total quality management philosophy focuses on meeting our customer\'s every needs. We use advanced quality control equipment such as CMM, CCD Measuring techniques, Ultrasonic cleansing, DI water system technologies to ensure that the products manufactured by our Fab are of the highest quality.

Excellent Customer Service
Coupled with our efficient feedback system, WWPT experienced sales and customer relations team achieve 100% customer satisfaction by always providing optimal sales and technical support.

Reliable In-House Production Process
Quality is a key factor for consumable components in the semiconductor industry. With a reliable In-House production process, we are able to perform stringent quality control along the production process. From product design to product mass production, we ensure the quality precision of our products. Our professional &D engineers develop prototypes that are suitable for specific customer needs. Together with our skilled machinists, a cost-efficient production flow plan is subsequently set up. Fully equipped with CNC milling and Turning machines within our fab, we are able to efficiently mass-produce a myriad of components.

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