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Quality Policy

Quality Management & Technology
Win Win Precision Technology’s total quality management philosophy focuses on meeting our customers every needs. We seek to integrate quality management in our corporate management, finance, marketing, R&D, production and customer relations to achieve this goal. We require QUALITY in all aspects of our company’s operations. From employee to the CEO, the common quality goal of our company include customer-driven quality, fast efficient customer service and continuous improvement.
Win Win Precision Technology pushes the boundaries of possibilities. We are always in the forefront of technological innovation, we continuously seek to research and develop patents and new products to meet market demands.


Our quest for Quality is limitless. Our priority is provide top quality products to our clients. We aim to maximize the cost-performance ratio investments for all our customers.
All production processes are documented in detail, meticulously supervised and archived statistically. Micro-optical, mechanical and electrical measurements in all production stages as well as a 100% visual inspection achieve quality of the highest level. We perform Electro-Luminescence checks on all module cells and laminate before despatching goods. With the results from the EL checks, we can ensure the highest degree of quality assurance on our products. Our checks are supervised and are in accordance with the reference measurements from most renowned institutes. Constant monitoring of the measuring standard ensures a stable rated power output of our modules. Our products are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 and IEC 61215 and EN 61739 certified.

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