WINAICO Technology
The WINAICO Advantage

Premium quality
The high speed WINAICO photovoltaic solar module is manufactured using the most advanced finishing techniques that correspond to the highest quality standards. WINAICO products are made from our high standards manufacturing units specialized in the exclusive production of premium quality solar modules. Our products are produced on a fully-automated production line from Japan. All the equipment is from the leading equipment suppliers of the PV industry. We use only top-quality components from top-brand companies in the PV industry. The silicon of our solar cells is from the most reputable suppliers in the market.

Leveraging on Win Win Precision Technology’s semiconductor industry background of excellent precision production and quality management, Winergy Solar GmbH (subsidiary of Win Win Precision Technology) provides to our clients only top premium quality products. WINAICO Solar PV modules are characterized by the product’s outstanding quality, innovative design, longevity and quality assurance.

Efficiencies up to 14%
WINAICO high speed PV solar modules are equipped with high efficiency polycrystalline cells. These modules are suitable for high power demand applications and will reach efficiencies up to 14%. Positive power tolerance as well as increased maximum snow load capacity (Zone III- 540kg/m2) provides users with a high performance and stable system.

High energy yield semiconductor silicon
Leveraging on Win Win Precision Technology knowledge and experiences attained from the semiconductor industry, we use only the highest purity form of MEMC semiconductor silicon as raw material on their solar modules for high energy yields. We use only top-quality components from top-brand companies in the PV industry. The silicon of our solar cells is from the most reputable suppliers in the market.

Innovative, patented frame design
WINACO Solar PV module ergonomic frame is patented. The frame is cornered with an additional L-Key fastener. This ergonomic design creates better aesthetic appeal and enhances the module’s torsion stability and improves water proofing for our modules.

Simple electrical connectivity
All WINAICO solar modules are manufactured according to the waterproofing standard (IP65). We use only original Tyco plug connectors and junction box. The electrical connection is simple and safe. To ensure minimal power loss, three bypass diodes are integrated within the PV module’s junction box.

Maximum investment security
We provide only premium quality products to our clients. Our products go through the most modern and comprehensive quality management inspection. We meticulously inspect all incoming raw materials and ensure maximum investment security by inspecting our finished products using the latest visual, micro-optical, mechanical and electrical technologies. Microscopic examination of all solar cells, soldered connections and lamination via the Electro-Luminescence method, we ensure that all products that reach the end user are top-quality, defect-free products. Additionally, our products are certified in accordance with IEC 61215 and EN 61730.

Personalized consultation
WINAICO provides first class personalized customer service to all her customers. We present original samples to all customers to ensure our customers get the first hand touch and feel of our pristine module quality.

Reasonable Prices
WINAICO products are reasonably priced. We supply products to qualified installers and authorized dealers direct from our factories eliminating intermediary transaction costs.

10 yrs warranty on manufacturing defects
We provide a 10 year product guarantee against any manufacturing defects; also 10 years warranty on 90% of the minimum output and 25 years on 80%. It is a German warranty issued on behalf of our German subsidiary Winergy Solar GmbH.

World-wide Offices
We established many world-wide offices to cater products directly to our clients. Our products are delivered directly from our own warehouse. With our established efficient storekeeping in Germany and many part of the world, we can supply without unnecessary detours, directly to all our clients. We also offer extensive local consultation and planning services.

After sales customer service
Our world-wide offices offer regional local services. In Europe, we have our subsidiary Winergy solar that can offers services that is of German and European standards. We cater completely to the needs and requirements of the locals without unnecessary administration expensive. We are fast and reliable. We maintain long-term trust with our partners, our installers, suppliers and customers.

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